Women are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way.  And unfortunately, it’s not just teens and adult women who are being targeted. Now, there are plastic surgery apps that encourage young users to perform virtual plastic surgery. One can only imagine the long-term ramifications for apps like this.

If you browse app distribution sites, you can find hundreds of apps centered around plastic surgery. One popular app, Facetune, allows you  to get rid of blemishes and airbrush waistlines. FaceTouchUp is another app that shows you how you’d look after rhinoplasty.

In short, you get to perform your own plastic surgery to create a “better” and “more beautiful” you. One free of blemishes, love handles, a big nose, and anything else you dislike about yourself.

It’s not exactly surprising that there are plastic surgery apps. The real cause of concern is that these apps are targeted for young girls.

For example, the media company, Bravo Kids Media has created three such games, namely, Face Surgery Stimulator, High School Clinic Affair, and Princess Plastic Surgery. And yes, they’re all as disturbing as they sound.

Now, instead of teaching young girls to grow in self-love and self-acceptance, they’re being equipped with virtual tools to simulate beauty standards. This can be very damaging to a girl’s self-image.

Women who never had access to plastic surgery apps like these struggle with body image issues. One can only imagine that these apps will only acerbate a young girl’s fragile perception of herself.

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