Gun violence continues to ravage American communities. However, from the rubble, a hero always emerges. And thanks to the actions of one brave man, the gunman’s attack came to a halt before any more lives were taken. 

On Sunday morning, a 29-year old man named, Travis Reinking, approached a Waffle House in Antioch, Illinois. He first fired through the windows before entering the restaurant, where he continued to open fire on patrons.

One customer, James Shaw Jr., fled to the restaurant when we first heard the shots firing. However, he kept his eye on the gunman, and when Reinking stopped shooting momentarily to reload his firearm, Shaw rushed on him, wrestling the gun from him.

According to one witness, Shaw is “a hero…had that guy had a chance to reload his weapon, there was plenty more people in that restaurant.”

Luckily, Shaw only suffered minor injuries from the fight, such as scrapes and cuts. However, at least four people were killed and seven others were injured during the rampage.

The Nashville police have disclosed that Reinking was arrested in 2017 after he was found in a restricted area close to the White House. Following the arrest, authorities revoked his firearms authorization, and they also seized four weapons.

However, Reinking used one of these confiscated weapons, an AR-15 rifle, for Sunday’s deadly shooting.

Shortly after the attack, the Metro Nashville Police Department shared on twitter (@MNPDNashville) “Murder warrants are now being drafted against Travis Reinking.”

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