Get rid of belly fat with these 5 foods

Exercise  is an important component for getting rid of belly fat, but exercise alone won’t do the trick. That’s because no matter how many crunches or planks you do, you won’t make much progress if you’re not eating the right foods. So, along with your workout, add these five foods to your diet. Get rid of belly fat today!

According to Marie Spano, a board-certified sports dietitian, the following foods can help you make it through difficult workouts, build muscle and help you burn off unwanted belly fat.

Whole grains

You might think you need to avoid grains when you’re dieting, but this study suggests that whole grains can help you lose the same amount of weight that you’d lose if you avoided grains completely. What’s more, eating whole grains can help you lose belly fat specifically.


As a fiber-rich nut, almonds help to increase satiety while also cleaning out your GI tract. This study found that eating 30 to 35 almonds per day support belly fat weight loss.

Greek yogurt

Spano says that the protein, calcium and probiotics in this fermented dairy beverage can help you get your six-pack, by defining muscle and eliminating abdominal fat.

Whey protein

Upping your protein intake can support sustainable weight loss while helping you to build muscle. Therefore, adding a scoop of whey protein powder to your smoothie can help you get rid of belly fat.


This veggie is particularly useful when it comes to losing belly fat because it’s a mild diuretic that also helps to fight gastrointestinal bloating. And both these qualities can help your muscles look more defined.

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