After months of dry, cold weather, your poor hands and feet are in desperate need of TLC. But if you can’t squeeze in a manicure and pedicure, you can still get softer hands and feet at home. This beauty hack isn’t super sexy, but! It’s a beauty hack your hands and feet are going to absolutely love. How to get soft feet and hands with this beauty hack? Find out below.

The key to softer hands and feet is moisturizing. And even if you’re vigilant about applying creams and lotions before bed, let’s face it: it probably rubs off while you sleep.

So, if you’re tired of your dry, cracking skin, it’s time to try socks and gloves that provide intense hydration while you sleep.

Deseau Moisturizing Gloves


These gloves are made with a super soft cotton material, and they’re lined with a thermoplastic gel to really increase overnight hydration. They combine jojoba oil, olive oil, essential lavender oil and vitamin E to restore skin, all while you sleep.

One customer said in her 5-star review that:

I’ve had these for about 2 weeks no and they’re great…They’ve been helping with my severely dry skin on my thumbs as they really trap the moisture in and let the lotion be fully absorbed.

When it comes to feet, you’re probably more accustomed to wearing socks to bed, so these moisturizing booties won’t be so strange.

NatraCure 5-Toe Moisturizing Gel Socks


These booties provide a deep moisturizing treatment, with the help of botanicals, therapeutic oils and vitamins. It’s like going to spa, but you don’t even have to get out of bed.

This 5-star review shared that:

These are nothing short of a miracle.

So, if you’ve been suffering with dry hands and feet, try this simple beauty hack.

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