You are what you eat. How many times have you heard that saying? And while it may be a bit commonplace, the truth is: it’s true! Especially when it comes to the brain. Sure, we know that we need to eat a balanced, healthy diet for a myriad of reasons. But eating well is crucial for the brain. In fact, a poor diet will affect the brain more than any other organ in the body. 

There are diets that focus on heart health, or those that lower overall sugar intake. There are diets for food allergies and food sensitivities, but there aren’t many cookbooks focusing on supporting a healthy brain. But there should be.

According to Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D. and associate director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC)/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, “It’s a simple and irrefutable premise: The brain receives nourishment strictly through the foods we eat every single day.”

Mosconi goes on to explain why proper food is a must-have for a well-functioning brain. “Day after day, the foods we eat are broken down into nutrients, taken up into the bloodstream, and carried up into the brain. Once there, they replenish depleted storage, active cellular reactions, and finally, become the very fabric of our brains.”

Yes, you read that right. What you eat can ultimately become brain matter. Therefore, eating proper food is imperative to protect our brain’s structure and function.

So, consider cutting back on meals that give you brain fog, and leave you feeling sluggish and drowsy. These are brain symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored, says Mosconi.

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