Meghan Markle may be joining the royal family soon, but she certainly is bringing many of her native California style choices with her. From wearing casual Everlane pieces, to forgoing stockings altogether, this soon-to-be bride isn’t afraid of staying true to her style. That includes the romantic side bun she wore recently.

Last week, Prince Harry and fiancé, Meghan Markle, visited Belfast in Northern Ireland, where they were met with gusty, windy weather. And whether you’re engaged to a member of the royal family or not, the wind can whip your hair around and kill whatever style you might have.

To deal with the wind and her out-of-control hair, Markle decided to tuck her hair into messy, romantic side bun.

Easy right?

Well, to many women, it’s not a big deal. But it was definitely an unconventional move by royal standards. And it’s safe to say that you rarely see Kate Middleton with a side swept bun.

So, even if Markle might have broken with royal convention, if she can pull off that look, chances are: so can you. And here’s how you can can her low maintenance, romantic side bun.

All you’ll need is some dry shampoo, a hair tie and some bobby pins.

Spray dry shampoo all over your hair

Then, gather your hair in a low, lose ponytail, and divide your hair into two sections.

Take each section and twist them together until they’re completely twisted.

Wrap these two twisted sections into a bun to form an elegant, yet messy bun.

Fasten with bobby pins, and voila! You have a romantic side bun.

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