What’s keeping you from reaching your goals? Some might say money. Others, time. For other people, the problem is not having enough motivation and commitment. Each one of these things can definitely get in the way of reaching your goals. But according to one physicist, not having knowledge is the fundamental obstacle between you and your goals. Here’s why.

Physicist, David Deutsch, believes that every problem has just two obstacles. The first obstacle is physics. The second? Knowledge.

Deutsch argues that as long as something is possible according to the laws of physics, there’s no reason why it can’t happen.

What keeps a goal from happening or not happening is knowledge. In short, knowledge really is power.

You may argue that even if something is theoretically possible, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can happen. After all, there is so much out of our control, like the genes we inherit, the parents who raised us, and the country we’re born into.

However, having knowledge gives you a lot of power over the things that you can control. 

For example, if your goal is to build a start-up company, you might not have the slightest idea where to start. Plus, it seems like there are innumerable obstacles to get in the way.

However, Deutsch would argue that the main obstacle is knowledge – or not having the right knowledge. But thanks to the internet – a database of humanity’s knowledge – it’s now possible to get educated, find answers and reach your goals. 

What’s on your current playlist? If it’s music you love, you’re in luck. Researchers say listening to music can actually be very good for your your health, and in particular, your heart. (Not that you need scientific justification for listening to Beyoncé,  but still.) Once you learn about the science behind music and heart health, you might love your playlist even more. 

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Gut health is super important – and not just for our gut. More and more research confirms the connection between your gut health and its impact on both mental health and emotional wellbeing. And since the gut has such a profound influence, you might think it takes a long time to reset the gut and restore balance to the microbiome. But in just three days, you can reset it and get back on track.

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