What’s on your current playlist? If it’s music you love, you’re in luck. Researchers say listening to music can actually be very good for your your health, and in particular, your heart. (Not that you need scientific justification for listening to Beyoncé,  but still.) Once you learn about the science behind music and heart health, you might love your playlist even more. 

Music can offer cardiovascular benefits

According to Harvard Medical School, listening to music can have a profound impact on the brain. In fact, it activates just about every brain region and can even alter brain chemistry. This in turn could have a ripple effect and lead to some pretty significant cardiovascular benefits. 

Just think about it: when you’re listening to music, it’s easier to move through a difficult exercise routine, isn’t it?  And being able to commit to your workout and enjoy it goes a long way in supporting a strong and healthy cardiovascular system.

Music can also help to relax heart rate and prevent high blood pressure. What’s more, music can help patients experience less pain and anxiety following heart surgery. 

Listen to music you like

There are so many types of music and not everyone goes crazy for the same tracks. So, in order to reap the most benefits from music’s healing powers, be sure you listen to music that you love. It can be a 90’s greatest hits playlist. Or, it could be 300 year-old baroque music. 

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you enjoy listening to it. That’s because according to research, when individuals get to select the music they listen to, they get greater benefits from it. 

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