Decluttering might only seem relevant if you’re a diehard minimalist. But even if you haven’t embraced minimalism and all of its less-is-more philosophy, chances are, your home is in desperate need of some decluttering. Find out how decluttering your home can make you feel lighter and happier.

That’s because many people hold onto material objects even when they don’t need them anymore – things that don’t serve a purpose. And sometimes, these dusty objects only serve to stir up negative emotions and memories.

But our objects – and therefore our living space – shouldn’t be places and things that brings us down. They should uplift, inspire and fill our life with a breath of fresh air.

So, how does all of your clutter bring you down?

A former hoarder and clutter queen, Eve O. Schaub, discovered that for her “clutter [is the stuff that] doesn’t have a place to go yet – it’s objects in limbo that are the result of deferred decisions…For me, clutter is about a fear of forgetting, of losing myself.”

When it comes to you and your clutter, does it represent a deferred decision? Something you keep procrastinating about and keep putting off? Maybe trying a new diet? A new wardrobe? Maybe making an important lifestyle decision, or having a difficult conversation?

It might seem like your clutter is just stuff, but it actually represents bigger life decisions that you’re not making, either out of fear for the future or regrets about the past.

And if that’s what clutter is in your life, it’s not difficult to see how hanging on to it can make you feel stuck and sad.

When you choose to declutter your home, you free up space, both mental and physical, and that can make you feel so much lighter and happier.

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