Depending on where you live, January and February can be very snowy months. And while the first snowfall is exciting and romantic, the charm quickly wears off. We start to hate all that snow because with it comes plowing, shoveling, longer commutes and ugly footwear. But since we have to live with it, we may as well love it. And these amazing snow photographs will make you fall in love with winter all over again.

Back in 1885, a Vermont farmer, Wilson Bentley combined his camera and microscope to take what’s thought to be the first-ever snowflake photograph.

It’s quite a feat if you think about it. He would hand select his favorite snowflakes – yes, he had favorite snowflakes! – before placing them onto the microscope slide. Then, he’d hold his breath to prevent the flake from melting before taking a photograph.

The results? Breathtaking and awe-inspiring images that reveal the intricate beauty that lies hidden in each and every snowflake.

Here are just one of Bentley’s amazing images:

amazing snow photographs


Thanks his love of snowflakes, Bentley took over 5,000 photographs that reveal a delicate and hidden world. And after you see photographs like this, it’s hard to look at a snowy yard the same way again.

Now, when you head to work or trek through a parking lot, you know you’re actually walking in a winter wonderland. Plus, it might inspire you to go outside and take your own photographs to discover nature’s beauty.

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