You just got off of work for the day, and you have a hot date or an event planned for tonight. But there’s just one problem. You’re running late. And if you’ think there’s no time to make your hair look fabulous, think again. This simple French girl hair tutorial will give you sexy, heatless waves. Yes, even when you’re pressed for time.

Violette is Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Director, and while this Parisian-born beauty is technically a makeup artist – and an alluring one at that – she also knows a thing or two about hair styling.

She usually keeps her long tresses looking natural and easy, and her Everyday Heatless Waves are no different.

Here are Violette’s tips for getting sexy, heatless waves quickly and in a few minutes.

Begin by brushing your hair really well

Lightly dampen your hair with a leave-in conditioner spray. Violette uses the Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner.


For bangs

If you have bangs, spray in the conditioner, and gently blow-dry and style with round brush. For the center section of bangs, turn the brush towards the forehead. For the edge, turn the brush in the opposite direction. Then, apply a texture spray in between the bang layers, and binch all the layers together at the top.

For hair

Spray the leave-in conditioner, and make a simple braid while the hair is wet. Then, loosen the braid, and set the blowdryer on the lowest setting to dry hair and lock the waves.

Leave the braid in while you finish getting ready, and after a few minutes, undo the braid and lightly blow-dry, always using your hand to help your hair look more natural and less rigid and shaped.

To finish, Violette applies NatureLab TOKYO Perfect Haircare Shine Oil for a natural, messy sexy look.