Do you feel like a fraud? Are you afraid someone’s going to find out that you’re not actually good at your job? If this sounds familiar, you may have imposter syndrome – the feeling of being inadequate, incompetent and not good enough. Imposter syndrome is a crippling thing to live with, but there are ways to overcome it, and to feel confident and secure in your own skin. 

Strangely enough, people with imposter syndrome are intelligent and creative. What’s more, they’re often the perfectionists and high-achievers, who despite their success, are always afraid they’re going to be found out and exposed. If this sounds like you, try these five tips to feel empowered instead of imposter.

Get to know the imposter

Every time you hear yourself saying, “Who am I to do this project?” Or, “I don’t deserve this job”, stop for a moment and realize that this is the imposter, hiding inside of you. You don’t have to listen to her anymore.

Adjust your mindset

Sure, you might not know everything, but you’ve come a long way thanks to the knowledge and expertise you do have. Of course there’s more to learn, but don’t let that stop you.

Release your need to be “perfect”

No one and nothing is perfect. So, instead of striving for perfection, aim to do your very best, and be kind to yourself along the way.

Identify what you’re good at

You excel at some things, and not so much with other things. It’s perfectly okay to want to improve these areas, but never without acknowledging what you’re good at right now. 

You’re not the only “imposter”

Even though you compare yourself to everyone, thinking that you’re the imposter, the truth is, many people move through life in fearful, imposter-mode. Knowing this can make you feel less alone. 

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