7 ways to prevent dry, flaky skin this winter 

If you’re like most women, you are over winter. Especially because these cooler temps leave you with dry, flaky skin. No thanks, right? To keep your skin gorgeous and glowing until spring finally arrives, try these skin-saving tips.

Drink more water

One of the main reasons for dry skin is because we’re not drinking enough water. If water is boring, consider herbal teas, or eating lots of fruits and veggies with high water content, like citrus fruits, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, celery and tomatoes. 

Keep the water warm, not hot

Hot, steamy showers are glorious. But frequent exposure to hot water dries your skin out by stripping away your natural oils. So, be sure your water is warm, not hot, and be sure to keep your shower to 10 minutes or less.

Avoid over-washing your face

If you have a morning and evening skincare routine, avoid using cleansers for both. Washing too often will strip away your skin’s natural oils. So, just wash once in the evening, and opt for oil-based products.

Exfoliate once or twice

Yes, it’s important to remove dead skin from the face, but you shouldn’t do it more than once or twice per week. If possible, use a gentle exfoliator during winter months. 

Pat yourself dry

Whatever you do, do not rub dry towels up and down your body. Yes, it will dry you off, but it may strip away your skin’s natural oils, too. Instead, gently pat yourself dry.

Apply moisturizer to damp skin

Don’t wait until your skin is completely dry to apply moisturizer. Instead, massage it in when your skin is still slightly damp. This helps to lock in moisture for longer-lasting protection. 

Kick your moisturizer up a notch

When the weather changes, you switch up your wardrobe pieces. And it’s time to do the same with your moisturizer. Look for products that have a high oil content and things like fatty acids and cholesterol. Your skin needs these things now, more than ever.

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