It’s no secret that women tend to earn less money than men. Of course, one reason for this pay gap is because of the prevailing inequality in society and many industries. But another reason why women earn less than man is because  they undervalue themselves and their work. But one female entrepreneur has simple advice that can change that once and for all.

Otegha Uwagba is a brand consultant, founder of Women Who, and the author of the widely successful career advice book, Little Black Book. Needless to say, this 20-something entrepreneur knows a thing or two about navigating clients, contracts and all the like.


In a recent interview, Uwagba shared that she was “blown away by how much more [male peers] ask for than I usually do.”

She continued saying that this difference “says a lot about the psychology around women in the workplace that they are conditioned to expect less.”

This coincides with a survey conducted by Total Jobs,in which they found that UK women have much lower salary expectations than men do.

Of course, a male-dominated society is partly to blame, but women are also labeled as being “aggressive”, “bossy”, “pushy”, “masculine” or “mean” if they want to negotiate for a higher salary.

But as Uwagba reminds, “When you have a new job offer is [when] you have the most power.” And how does Uwagba advise women to make the most of their powerful position?

“Always ask for 20 percent more than you would instinctively judge to be fair.”

This way, if your employer undervalues you, or if you undervalue yourself, asking for 20 percent more, can help to make up for this issue.

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