Unless something seems urgent, it’s easy to dismiss certain symptoms – even when your gynecologist asks about them. But there are some symptoms you should never ignore no matter how common or benign they seem. Just because a symptom is common doesn’t mean it’s okay. So, if you notice the five following signs, make sure you let your gynecologist know. 

Chronic abdominal pain

If you experience chronic abdominal pain, it could be unrelated to your reproductive system, but there’s a chance it could be something that needs professional attention. Potential causes for this symptom can be ovarian cysts and endometriosis. 

Strange vaginal discharge

It’s normal for women to have vaginal discharge at certain stages of their cycle, however, it shouldn’t last for more than a couple of days. If this is a persistent symptom, however, it could indicate a vaginal infection.

Spotting before your period

It’s pretty common to spot in the middle of your cycle if you’re using birth control, but if the bleeding continues and you feel pain, you’ll want to talk to your OBG-YN. The reasons for pre-menstrual bleeding might not be serious, but if you ignore them, they can develop into something worse. 

Odd odors

According to women’s health expert, Sherry Ross, MD, strange smells down there can indicate wearing tampons for too long, or forgetting about them altogether. To prevent infection and even toxic shock syndrome, see your doctor.

Painful sex

Without lube, sex can be dry and therefore, painful. But if sex is usually a painful affair it could indicate some important health problems, like hormonal issues and uterine fibroids. 

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