New research is suggesting that diet may be more important than exercise when it comes to strong and healthy bones. Yes, you should exercise, but don’t underestimate your diet. It can make or break the health of your bones. Here’s what the research says.

In a study published just last month, scientists observed how mineral-supplemented diets could help to increase bone mass and strength in mice. They divided mice into two groups. One was placed on this mineral-rich diet and exercised. The other group exercised only. 

The specialized diet group developed greater bone strength over the course of the study. What’s more, their bone strength continued even after they were taken off the mineral supplements. 

Which minerals are key for bone health and strength?

We’ve all heard that we need calcium for healthy bones. But there’s more to it than that. In order for our bodies to properly absorb and utilize calcium, we need Vitamins D and K2. 

Vitamin D supports calcium absorption, and Vitamin K2 helps build strong bones by fusing  together calcium ions and bone minerals. 

Where you can find bone-supportive vitamins

For Vitamin D, try to get safe exposure to sunlight so you’re body can produce Vitamin D on its on. If the season or location doesn’t provide lots of sun, consider a Vitamin D supplement. 

For Vitamin K2, try high quality cheeses and butter, egg yolks and dark chicken meat. 

For calcium, eat lots of dark, leafy green vegetables, like collard greens, kale and spinach. 

So, just how important is exercise? The study concluded by saying, “Combining exercise with a mineral-supplemented diet leads to greater bone mass and structural strength than exercise alone.”  That doesn’t mean we don’t need to exercise anymore. 

Keep exercising and be sure to include these vitamins and minerals in your diet for best results. 

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