Is oat milk a healthy dairy alternative?

More and more people are avoiding dairy products. This has created a boom in plant-based dairy milk alternatives. And one of these substitutes is oat milk. And since oats are a heart-healthy grain, it’s logical to think that oat milk is healthy, too. But keep reading to find out if oat milk is milk option that’s good for you or not. Is oat milk a healthy dairy alternative?

Oat milk is thick and creamy, and has a pretty neutral flavor. So, you can easily swap it for other plant-based milks, like almond, rice and coconut milk. Whether you want to bake, cook or make lattes and smoothies with it, oat milk is generally interchangeable.

Another reason why so many people reach for oat milk is because it’s easy to make at home. Of course, people can make cashew or almond milk, but for one thing it’s more expensive. For another thing, it’s more labor intensive.

But oat milk is cheap, convenient and easy to whip up, making it possible for you to have fresh milk with minimal ingredients. All you have to do is blend together oats, water, salt and vanilla extract (if you prefer). Once finished, this fresh milk can last for up to a week in the fridge.

As far as nutritional content goes, oat milk certainly does have more calories and carbohydrates than almond milk. But when consumed in moderation, it’s a good option. Plus, it contains lots of fiber, making it a nice choice for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Another reason why oat milk is a favorite plant-based milk alternative is because it’s “free” of so many common allergens, including dairy, nuts, soy and gluten.

However, even gluten-free oat milks can irritate people who are sensitive or intolerant of gluten, so this is something to be aware of.

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