On Monday morning, Kate Middleton welcomed a new born son into the world. And just seven hours later, Kate left the hospital and headed for the comforts of her home at Kensington Palace. While we still don’t know the name of this newly born prince, here’s what we do know about his exciting arrival.

At 11:01 am on Monday morning, Kate gave birth. Her son weighed in at eight pounds and is healthy. And from the looks of it, Middleton is doing wonderfully, too.

She stepped out to leave the hospital a mere seven hours after giving birth. Most British moms rest in the hospital for a day and a half. American mothers usually rest for up to two days.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Kate left for home so early is because she and her husband, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, have a medical team of more than 20 personnel to assist and care for her postpartum needs.

Before heading home, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made the much-awaited appearance at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital, where many photographers and journalists clamored for a glimpse of the new royal prince.

Kate wore a stunning red dress, with a white Peter Pan lace color, and apart from looking absolutely gorgeous, Kate did more than make a fashion statement. She was paying homage to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who wore a similar dress when she first stepped out with her second son, Prince Harry.

Source: www.usweekly.com

Prince William told crowds that both he and Kate were “very happy, delighted”, before driving off to Kensington Palace where Kate and baby number three can reunite with her two other children.

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