Last night, celebrities hit the red carpet at the BAFTA awards in Great Britain. And like previous award ceremonies, women clung to the black dress code to show their support for the #TIMESUP movement. Kate Middleton was also in attendance with her husband, William, the Duke of Cambridge, and critics are harrowing in on her dress choice. 

In her second BAFTA’s awards, Middleton arrived wearing an elegant floor-length hunter green gown, with short sleeves and an empire waist. At seven months pregnant, she was glowing and beautiful. However, critics are disappointed that she didn’t join Hollywood in wearing black.

While Middleton certainly is aware of the #TIMESUP movement, she is no doubt, also aware of her position. After all, Middleton is not just a prominent figure, she’s also the wife of England’s future king. And because of this position, every thing she does (and wears) is a statement on behalf of the British monarchy.

Therefore, while Middleton did not make a bold and public statement like the other women who wore black, it may not be because she is opposed the #METOO movement, and it’s fight against discrimination, sexual harassment and inequality.

It may be because, as Duchess of Cambridge, she must avoid making political statements. However, it is possible the Middleton did make a subtle nod, and break with royal protocol by wearing an black sash above her growing belly. Perhaps this was as much as Middleton is permitted to do based on her position.

But Middleton wasn’t the only woman wearing color at last night’s BAFTA awards. Frances McDormand wore a black dress, decorated with red and pink designs, and explained that, “I have a little trouble with compliance, but I want you to know that I stand in full solidarity with my sisters tonight in black.”

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