If you remember Mariah Carey’s performance from last New Year’s Eve, you’ll remember that it was a bit of a diva disaster – a mix of sound and lip-syncing problems that was cringe-worthy and embarrassing to watch. But this New Year’s Eve, Mariah Carey redeemed herself with a stellar performance. What better way for her – as well as for you and me – to kickstart a brand new year? Read more about Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance below.

Mariah Carey’s had more number one hit singles than any other performing artist, and she definitely has an untouchable spot in music history. Nonetheless, a bad performance is a bad performance and it’s hard to live down last year’s Time’s Square mess.

In the days and weeks following last New Year’s Eve, she was splashed all over the press and social media. She was the talk of the town, but not in a good way.

And while Mariah Carey certainly didn’t have to step up to the challenge and redeem herself, she withstood frigid December temperatures in New York’s Time’s Square to reclaim her place among the top-of-the-top performers.

While audience members were bundled up with hats, scarves and more hats, Mariah was dressed in a glittery dress with a white fur coat. She really was a star shining brightly on that cold, dark night.

Not only did she look the part, but her voice was strong, resilient and moving – a massive improvement on last year’s performance.

You might not be a world-famous super star like Mariah Carey and have the publicity she has. But there’s one thing we all have in common with the one and only Mariah Carey:

We all make mistakes and “fail” in one way or another. And sometimes, it can seem like there’s no way to get out of the mess you put yourself in. But Mariah’s got news for you.

If she can redeem herself, so can you. So, is there something you want to do better? Is there a mistake you want to fix? Why not make the intention to pick yourself up from the rubble and shine bright like Mariah Carey did?

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