Last week, Harvey Weinstein was indicted for rape charges, sex abuse, sexual misconduct and a sex crime. And after so many women have come forward to speak out against not only Weinstein, but countless other men, this may seem like the first of many victories. But the #MeToo founder, Tarana Burke, isn’t celebrating Weinstein’s indictment. 

In an interview on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah, Burke opened up about the Weinstein case, saying, “It doesn’t bring me personal joy, this is not really what it is about. This is not really a moment to like celebrate how the mighty have fallen. But it is cathartic for the survivors, it is a moment for them to have a sense of relief, for some of them.”

For Burke, the #MeToo movement isn’t about “taking down powerful men.” Instead, it’s about providing support to sexual assault victims.

This is consistent with the real goal of the #MeToo campaign, which first started out as a way to help young women of color in the southern United States, who were survivors of sexual violence. 

Burke is also reminds that even though the indictment may be cathartic for survivors, they still have a long road ahead of them. She predicts that the upcoming trials won’t be easy. In fact, they will be quite difficult for the women who must testify in court.

According to Burke, “It will mark the beginning of them [the victims] having to be dragged through a trial process where his attorneys are going to try their best to diminish them and to make them seem like they were complicit.”

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