Keeping your skin in great shape is a a big priority for women. And if a procedure or product promises to give you better skin, you probably want to check it out and even try it yourself. Microneedling is one of this year’s fastest-growing skincare treatments, and it just might be the answer to younger-looking skin.

What is microneedling exactly? It sounds a bit prickly and not exactly what you’d want to try on your face, but here’s the deal. It’s a non-invasive procedure that works in a way similar to lasers, but just not quite so high-tech.

The device itself is is covered with thousands of teeny tiny needles. These needles vary in length depending on the individuals skin and the results you’d like to see. This device is then rolled across the face, and these tiny needles prick the skin.

This causes what is referred to as a “micro-injury”, which leads to inflammation in the skin of the face. As a response to this “injury”, your skin cells rush to produce collagen.

You probably already know just how important collagen is for healthy skin. It’s that magic ingredient that fills in all your fine lines, improves elasticity and even plumps the skin. This procedure could also improve how your skin absorbs topical treatments leading to overall healthier, nourished skin.

Since it’s a relatively new procedure, it’s a good idea to not try this one on your own, but to seek out a licensed dermatologist who’s had plenty of experience with microneedling.