Whether you shop online or IRL, you probably come across lots of feminist-inspired accessories and pieces. And it’s a fun way to make a big statement in a subtle way. Plus, they add a sassy vibe to an otherwise demure outfit. But unfortunately, there are lots of dupes and knock offs hitting the stores, and that’s why we’re so glad to share Coucou Suzette with you.

Coucou Suzette is a Paris-based designer who’s created a fun collection of pins, patches, clothing and jewelry. Once you catch a glimpse of some of her quirky pieces, you’ll want to wear these pins yourself.

Her best-seller Love Pin is a shiny brass and enameled piece that looks great on your jean jacket or backpack. It’s a good reminder to keep a loving attitude throughout your day.

The Eye Patch is a statement piece that can bring new life to your old tee or sweatshirt. Or, if you’ve got a growing patch collection, this will look cool and trendy, too. And if you’re intimidated by all things arts and crafts, don’t worry. This is an easy, iron-on patch that takes minutes to apply.

If you’re looking for a sweet heart that packs a punch, Coucou Suzette’s Girl Power Enamel Pin makes for a great gift for you and your BFF. And even if you don’t wear pins, it can be a tiny decorative piece in your office to empower and uplift you throughout the day.

Let’s be honest, you want them all, right? And these are only three of Coucou Suzette’s many fun, feminist and unique pieces!

Freezing temperatures might be enough to make you crawl back into bed and hibernate until April. Or, these wintery temps could be exactly what you need to expand your style and explore some trendy faux fur pieces. But if you’ve never felt brave enough to venture into the world of fur, then these style ideas might be just what you need. 

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Since we take our iPhones just about everywhere with us, there’s always a risk that they’re going to fall – sometimes into water. And water damage can feel make you think you’re iPhone is completely doomed. But no worries – with a humble kitchen staple, rice, you can rescue your iPhone and have it up and running again soon. So, what to do if you drop your iphone in water? Remember rice.

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