Selfies have become a pretty standard part of many social media accounts, and some scientists would argue that selfies are linked to mental illness, including narcissism and addiction. But are they really that bad? Thanks to Google Arts and Culture App, selfies are getting a big upgrade. It just might be the way to redeem the selfie culture.  And either way, it will probably bring a smile to your face.

The Arts and Culture App first came out back in 2016, but the new feature is all the rage lately. It starts out by asking you, “Is your portrait in a museum?”

Then, all you do is take a selfie, and the app searches through thousands of images and paintings to find your artistic double-ganger.

If you didn’t end up with any match, or you simply don’t like your artistic pairing, try another selfie and change your expression, too.

Some results will definitely bring a small to your face and make you laugh, as these app users discovered. And maybe that’s exactly what this selfie culture needs – to take ourselves (and our selfies) a little less seriously.

And whether you like your match or not, the Google Arts and Culture App gives you a fun opportunity to explore facial shapes, expressions and hey – even a new artist, all with one little selfie.

You can get the app for free for either Android and iPhone to see who your artistic match is.

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