You might love a good gallery wall, and want one of your own, but it can take a while finding the perfect collage to represent you and your style. So, if you’re blank white walls are feeling way too boring, and you’re ready to get your gallery underway, check out Society 6 today. Their art prints are 25% – all of them! Scroll down to see these prints on sale.

When it comes to creating your own gallery wall, it helps to have different sized art prints. And every print on Society 6 comes in five different sizes, ranging from their mini (8” X 10”) all the way to their X-Large, which rings in at 28” X 38”.

And no matter how many prints you want to work with, try to curate a collection of different types of art. For example, try not have have all quotes, or all abstract pieces. But a nice mix of quote, abstract, photographic, etc., can keep it interesting.

The most important bit to remember is that you like each and every piece, because chances are, even if they’re all a little different, your style will be the consistent and unifying thread that runs through them all.

Here are four millennial-inspired prints to pick your interest.

This Cactus V6 art print by 83 Oranges will add a very trendy touch to your wall.


And for a subtle nod to the #TIMESUP movement, this Underestimate Me print has just the right amount of sarcasm.


To brighten your room, this Whoa – palm sunrise Southwest California print by Wacka is a bold wake up call.


And finally, for a soft touch, this dreamy Sea Bliss print is perfect.


Hurry over to Society6 to enjoy 25% off everything and treat your self to one (or more!) art prints.

What if you loved your winter wardrobe? I mean, absolutely loved your knitwear, to the point where you are actually happy it’s winter? The truth is, many of us look at our summer pieces and dream of summer days, when we can wear our summer best – summer wardrobes are just more fun. Or, are they? Chances are, when you see these eye-catching sweaters from & Other Stories, you’ll be want winter to stay a little bit longer. Scroll down to find out more about these winter sweater looks.

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