What if you loved your winter wardrobe? I mean, absolutely loved your knitwear, to the point where you are actually happy it’s winter? The truth is, many of us look at our summer pieces and dream of summer days, when we can wear our summer best – summer wardrobes are just more fun. Or, are they? Chances are, when you see these eye-catching sweaters from & Other Stories, you’ll be want winter to stay a little bit longer. Scroll down to find out more about these winter sweater looks.

If you’re not familiar with & Other Stories, it’s a brand with three design ateliers based in L.A., Paris and Stockholm. Their collections reflect a global style that create a cool, cohesive look. This season’s knitwear is vibrant and eye-catching, and here’s a found-up of our favorites. Enjoy!

To start, take a look at this Cropped Color Splash Sweater. They playful colors combine into a fun modern art piece, and this is sure to be a conversation starter – perfect for those events where you don’t know many people.

Source: www.stories.com

If you lean towards truly unique and stand-out pieces, the Seahorse Jacquard Sweater is a great addition to your current wardrobe. This Stockholm design has a dark, Día-de-Muertos feel, while still feeling light-hearted.

Source: www.stories.com

You may have some cool blouses that are difficult to style since they’re lighter fabrics, and leave you shivering whenever you wear them. This Shaggy Wool-Blend Knit is a bold red layering piece that will keep you both warm and chic for both day- and night-time looks.

Source: www.stories.com

The idea of baked desserts is a bit intimidating. Measurements have to be precise, ovens can be finicky and sometimes what you end up with is far from the styled photo in your cookbook. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a carton of ice-cream and a spoon. This Strawberry Shortcake recipe is the perfect compromise that even the most amateur of bakers can pull off.

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