The idea of baked desserts is a bit intimidating. Measurements have to be precise, ovens can be finicky and sometimes what you end up with is far from the styled photo in your cookbook. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a carton of ice-cream and a spoon. This Strawberry Shortcake recipe is the perfect compromise that even the most amateur of bakers can pull off.

Nigella Lawson, the domestic goddess, a best-selling cookbook author and Great Britain’s leading lady, loves to eat. But Lawson doesn’t believe that you, me, or anyone else has to slave away or get stressed out in order to enjoy something delish.

Her Strawberry Shortcakes are no exception. You first bake a buttery, biscuit-y scone, which isn’t an enormous culinary feat. Kitchen staples like flour, salt, baking powder, eggs and cream all come together to make a glorious little cake.

With a little mixing and a little rolling, you end up with scones ready to go in the oven. While they bake into a golden-brown treat, slice up fresh strawberries and have your whipped cream ready to go.

Once your shortcakes are ready, you can either wait until they cool and assemble your dessert straightaway, but let’s be real – it doesn’t seem right to not have a taste!

Slice open a shortcake, fill it with freshly sliced strawberries and top with whip cream. And normally, with something so cute and yummy, you probably want to take an Instagram photo, but 10-to-1, you won’t want to wait that long.

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