Meghan Markle is quickly becoming America’s favorite star. From TV actress to royal bride, Markle has so many winning qualities, including amazing style and a fit figure. And even though Markle makes it look effortless, she’s committed to her workout – and it shows! So, if you’d like to give Markle’s fitness routine a try, her trainer is sharing the top 11 moves that keep her fit and fabulous.

Markle began working with personal trainer, Craig McNamee, C.S.C.S. three years ago in Toronto, where she was busy filming her show, Suits. McNamee shares that “Meghan is dedicated to her health, it’s a big aspect of her life.”

When training Markle, McNamee focused on a full-body approach, and to “really create a dynamic workout with a lot of variety.” So, the soon-to-be princess had sessions based around circuit-based strength training, using low-weight strategies instead of heavy lifting.

According to McNamee, “This workout is great for celebs and regular gym goers alike. It hits all the right areas and helps you work toward a long, lean, camera-ready look.”

This is definitely not an at-home practice since it does require gym gear, but it’s a great way to amp up your current routine at the gym.

Here are the 11 workout moves that McNamee used to help Markle achieve her amazing figure:

  1. Rear-foot elevated split squat and press
  2. Single-leg kettlebell deadlift
  3. Pylo step ups
  4. TRX Triceps extension
  5. Hanging abs raise
  6. Supine flute bridge
  7. Single-Leg Swiss ball hamstring curl
  8. TRX banded squat and row
  9. Straight-arm side plank with banded hip abduction
  10. Banded hip extensions
  11. V-sit hold

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