These 4 foods are the worst for fibroids

Fibroids are a common health concern for women, and they can lead to heavy and painful menses, along with back pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. And while it’s true that 20 percent of all women will develop fibroids, there are active steps you can take to prevent and shrink them. Your diet is one of these steps. Therefore, to prevent, shrink and heal from fibroids, be sure to avoid these four worst foods for fibroids.

One possible reason for fibroid growth is hormonal imbalance. Specifically, when there is estrogen dominance, fibroid growth can result. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid the four following foods which can increase estrogen in the body.


Cows are often given synthetic estrogen to increase their milk production. But when you consume dairy products, you can get an extra and unnecessary boost of estrogen, too. This in turn, can send your hormones out of balance.

Refined carbohydrates

Refined carbs include white bread, pastries, pasta and yes, lots of cozy, comfort foods. But the problem with refined carbohydrates is that they send your blood sugar skyrocketing, which can interfere with hormone production. This, combined with the inflammatory property of gluten can interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen properly.

Processed red meat

Processed red meat often comes from cows who’ve been fed a soy-based diet. When you eat these meats, you can consume the estrogen-mimicking qualities, too. And this can interfere with your own body’s hormone production and therefore, increase the risk for fibroids.

Caffeine and alcohol

With too much coffee and alcohol in the system, you can overload the liver. And if your liver isn’t functioning at optimum levels, it won’t be able to eliminate extra estrogen in the body. This can make it easier for fibroids to develop along the uterus wall, leading to reproductive complications.

Vaginal discharge is a signal and a sign. It alerts you to what’s going on inside your body. And if you know what the four types of vaginal discharge are and what they mean, you can make an informed decision on what to do about it. Some types of vaginal discharge are completely normal, but others are a warning sign. This article will help you know which is which.

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