Vaginal discharge is a signal and a sign. It alerts you to what’s going on inside your body. And if you know what the four types of vaginal discharge are and what they mean, you can make an informed decision on what to do about it. Some types of vaginal discharge are completely normal, but others are a warning sign. This article will help you know which is which.

Clear and watery vaginal discharge

There’s nothing to worry about here. This is the normal color for discharge.

White vaginal discharge

There are two reasons for white, thick vaginal discharge. It can occur around the time of ovulation during the menstrual cycle. And if you track your cycle, you’ll get to know what ovulatory discharge is normal for you.

Otherwise, if the white discharge reminds you of cottage cheese, and you experience itching and burning, it can signal a yeast infection.  

Grayish vaginal discharge

For women with the common infection, bacterial vaginosis (BV), it’s usual for them to have a grayish discharge. Along with this change in color, the discharge can smell foul and even fishy. 

Yellow greenish vaginal discharge

This final type of vaginal discharge can signal the sexually transmitted infection, trichomoniasis. The discharge can sometimes smell funny and look frothy. 

Vaginal discharges are actually a good thing. They help you identify the health of your reproductive system and help you find the right treatment. While some vaginal discharge is normal, it’s important to speak to your OB-GYN about them to ensure that you stay healthy and can obtain the right treatment when necessary. 

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