Even though yoga has been in practice for thousands of years, we’re still discovering new and fascinating things about. It’s said to relieve stress, support the immune system, and so much more. Today, we’re sharing with you one benefit that you’re probably going to love: it keeps you looking and feeling younger with it’s life-extending benefits. Learn more about how it has life-extending benefits and how you can tap into them to look and feel youthful by scrolling down.

You see, at the end of our DNA, there are molecules called telomeres. With stress, these telomeres start to fray – sort of like the edge of your favorite, but well-loved blouse. And when telomeres start to unravel, we age.

And it goes without saying that stress finds its way into many women’s lives, whether that’s from career, family, relationships, health or finances. Stress is pretty much everywhere, and if we let it go unchecked it can cause lots of problems – one of them being aging.

But by including yoga into your lifestyle, you can help your these telomeres rebuild, and reverse the aging occurring in the body.

And one of the most exciting this about this anti-aging benefit is that you don’t have to be a master or practice for hours every day. By practicing just 30 minutes of yoga asana over the course of three months can help you support healthy DNA.

In case you’re wondering, yoga asana is simply the practice of doing various poses in a sequence. And with resources like Yoga Journal, Yoga Glo, Yoga with Adriene and so much more, it’s easy to get started, and to start feeling and looking younger.

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