We all want to get fit, but the idea of a long, sweaty workout is basically the last thing any of us want. In short, we want more bang for our buck when it comes to working out. And luckily for you, there are two moves – yes, two moves only – that give you a total body workout. Sounds too good to be true? 

Personal trainer and founder of fitness company, TRAINwithBETINA, Betina Gozo, is all about tough and functional workouts. And in her latest workout workbook, The Woman’s Guide to Strength Training, Gozo shares two powerful moves that work the entire body.

Gozo shares that “Unlike strict strength movements, [these two moves] both use a little more momentum, giving you the opportunity to lift a little heavier and spike your heart rate.” Do each one for a few minutes, and you can fit in a quick workout that actually works.

Half-kneeling wood chop

Source: www.valentinbosioc.com

This one move hits the core, hips and upper body. Remember to keep your abs zipped in and tight. And when first starting out, try using a 10-pound weight.

Squat to overhead press

These squats work the biggest muscle group and it also boosts your heart rate – two important factors if you want to burn some calories – and don’t we all?

Remember to focus on keeping good form to avoid knee injury. Squeeze your glutes and push into your heels before coming back up to standing position for the ultimate workout.

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Since becoming First Lady, Melania Trump doesn’t always seem at ease. The role of being First Lady comes with many challenges, and many sources have even speculated that Trump is unhappy in her new political position. However, as the hostess and head organizer of her first state dinner with French president and his wife, Trump was absolutely shining. 

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