Do you curse fall and winter weather because it forces you to sacrifice style for comfort? In other words, do you feel like you have to forgo your flattering pieces to stay warm and cozy? Well, thanks to this sweater trend, knitwear actually makes you look sexy while staving off chills and goose bumps. 

This year’s sweater trend: Knitted co-ords 

This fall, the trend is all about knitted co-ords: a matching sweater top and bottom. You might hesitate to play the same top and bottom. Will the match clash? From the looks of it, the answer is a definite no, but we’ll let you decide.

Why you’ll love knitted co-ords

Now, you can still wear your roomy, oversized sweaters.  They go wonderfully over leggings, yoga pants, jeans and even sleek pencil skirts. But when you want to step it up a notch, be brave and switch over to knitted co-ords.

Besides the cozy factor, knitted co-ords are easy transitional pieces. You can wear them with stockings and leggings, or not. You can wear them with sleek alligator flats, or with a cute pair of booties instead. They also great with a blazer or fitted jacket when you need something extra, or you can wear them just as they are.

Basically, you can take these versatile knitted co-ords from day to night, from fall to winter. And here are some sexy knitwear outfits to get you started. 

Two-piece skirt in rib knit in Emerald green

Price: $35.00


Knitted two-piece skirt in Multi

Price: $72.00


Two-piece skirt in ribbed knit in RUST

Price: $40.00


Two-piece skirt in rib knit in Blush

Price: $35.00


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