3 surprising signs of burn out 

For better or worse, we all have a lot on our plate. This addiction to busy-ness and multitasking is one reason why chronic stress is at epidemic proportions. It’s also why women are burned out – so much so, we don’t even notice it anymore. It’s the new normal, but it’s no way to live. So, look out for these three sneaky signs of burn out. Do any of them sound familiar? 

Unexplained back pain

When we’re stressed, cortisol levels go up. If high cortisol levels are a chronic problem, it can start to break down systems throughout your body. Yes, that’s how destructive stress can be if left unchecked!

One way cortisol effects the physical body is by compromising the musculoskeletal system, leaving you feeling sore and achy in your back, shoulders and neck. 

You feel frustrated and distracted

When you’re burned out, you can’t seem to focus the way you used to. And no matter how motivated you are, you just. can’t. Once doable tasks are now overwhelming and seem insurmountable. 

All of the pressure and stress makes you feel sensitive, frantic and fuzzy. And because you don’t have the mental stamina and mental resources like you used to, you feel frustrated and even panicky. This only makes your experience of burn out worse. 

Nothing makes you laugh 

Burn out is often accompanied by feeling detached and depressed. So, when you’re constantly stressed and under pressure, say goodbye to your sense of humor, along with things that used to make you laugh. And this is just the icing on the cake, isn’t it? Exactly when we need to smile and laugh the most, this, too, escapes us.