The mornings are getting colder and darker, and if you’re like most, you want to stay tucked under your covers until the very last minute. This leaves us with little to no time to figure out what to wear. So, if you want to save time and look great every single morning, here are five smart tips for you.

Repeat your outfits

Women sometimes feel pressured to wear different clothes on the regular. But save yourself time by repeating the same outfits – especially the ones you love. If you like the way you look in them, you’ll feel good. And repeating your outfit means you can feel good more often, too. 

Create a work uniform

When you find an outfit that just works for you and your job, stick to it. It can save you so much mental energy in the morning. It can also eliminate a lot of stress when trying to pick out the outfit. 

Select your outfit the night before

Take 5 to 10 minutes in the evening to pick out your outfit for the next day. Don’t do it in the morning when you’re groggy, pressed for time and unmotivated. 

Find your style inspiration

If there’s a style icon you love, follow his or her lead and imitate their outfits. Why not?

Keep your wardrobe curated

You might have a ton of clothes, but there’s a good chance that very few of them make you happy. With your wardrobe, stick to the old adage: less is more. Instead of having lots of pieces, keep your wardrobe curated and edited. The only things you should have in your closet are the pieces you actually wear because you love them.

If you keep your wardrobe curated, getting ready in the morning will be much faster and way more satisfying. 

The discomfort associated with your period may actually be caused by the product you’re using, not your body.

Period products that plug the vaginal canal, like tampons and menstrual cups can worsen discomfort during your period because your body is stretching to fit them. This distention in the vagina can worsen cramping and bloating.

But there’s a new period product promising to give you the most comfortable period of your life, the menstrual disc, FLEX™. In fact, 70% of women say their cramps were significantly less noticeable when using FLEX vs. other period products.

Plus FLEX is the only internally worn product not linked to TSS.

  • Body-safe: made out of medical grade materials that don’t promote the growth of bacteria, helping to prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis
  • Wearable up to 12 hours: FLEX holds up to 5 tampons worth of fluid and only needs to be changed twice per day
  •  Hypoallergenic: made without harmful materials like bisphenol A (BPA),phthalates,or latex.
  • Comfortable: they promise the most comfortable period of your life. In fact, 78% of women forget they are on their period with FLEX.