We focus a lot on self-care during the winter time, and boy do we need it! How else could we survive those long dark, cold months? But once summer arrives, we tend to let self-care slide because it’s just so much easier to enjoy ourselves in the summer. But it’s important to take extra good care of yourself when the sun is smiling, too. Here are six easy ways to do that.

Don’t push yourself too hard

During the summer, you have your normal work life to keep up with. But now, you also have lots of outdoor and social engagements you want to enjoy, too. Even though these events and celebrations are fun, it’s possible to wear yourself out. So, don’t be afraid to say no, or pace your summer fun.

Get to know the plants you walk past

Now that the plants are in full bloom, they certainly change the landscape. But how often do we actually stop and smell the roses? One nice way to feel grounded and calm this summer is to pay more attention to the plants in your life. Can you identify them? What do you know about them?  Getting to know them better can be like a botanical meditation. 

Keep magnesium levels up

Sugar and stress deplete magnesium stores. And without it, it’s easy to feel even more stressed, anxious and even depressed. So, be sure to supplement with a high-quality magnesium supplement and to eat magnesium rich foods, too. 

Catch the sunrise

Making an effort to wake up early with the sunrise is a great way to reset your circadian rhythm. This in turn, supports healthy adrenal function, keeps hormones in better balance and ensures you get a good night’s sleep. 

Wear blue light glasses

Blue light from digital screens, electronic devices, fluorescent lighting and LED lights interfere with melatonin production and can negatively impact healthy sleep patterns. One way to protect your eyes and sleep is by wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Get calm and relaxed with herbs 

Motherwort and chamomile are two herbs which help to calm and relax the mind and body. So, look for these ingredients in herbal teas, extracts or herbal supplements to combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

4 reasons for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are no fun. And whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of tea or your favorite ice cream cone, you might notice that your teeth are a bit sensitive. It’s a painful experience that can take all the joy out of these simple culinary pleasures. But why are your teeth so sensitive? There are several reasons for sensitive teeth and we’re covering four of them today. 

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