Supplements can be a wonderful way to support your hormonal health and overall wellbeing. But the health and wellness industry is flooded with them. And like anything else, not all supplements are made equally. To help you find the best supplements, watch out for these nine ingredients and avoid them at all costs. 

The global market for supplements reached a whopping $82 billion back in 2013, and the US market accounted for over 25 percent of this market. 

And some argue that the reason why there are so many supplements available is because the FDA doesn’t regulate them. 

This means supplements can have just about any ingredient in them, and also make unfounded claims with little to no repercussion. 

So, even if the food label is appealing and makes bold claims, the truth is the supplement can contain harmful ingredients. And since you’re probably popping down your supplements on a daily basis, you’re not just consuming vitamins, minerals and all those omega-3’s.

In fact, if your supplement contains any of the nine ingredients, you’re also consuming endocrine disrupting substances, according to women’s hormone expert, Alisa Vitti. Endocrine disruptors can interfere with reproductive health, your microbiome, and even acerbate PMS symptoms. 

9 ingredients to avoid in supplements

  • Canola oil: an inflammatory oil
  • Carrageenan: said to cause gastrointestinal symptoms 
  • Soy lecithin: production of soy lecithin involves a solvent used for glues and varnishes called, hexane
  • Soybean oil: an inflammatory oil which can have estrogenic effects
  • Titanium dioxide: A “possible carcinogenic to humans” according to research
  • Xanthan: Acts as a bulk forming substance that can also cause flatulence and bloating 

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