Recently, pop star Demi Lovato, celebrated 6 years of sobriety. And while fans may know something of Lovato’s addiction and mental health struggles, no one was quiet expecting what the star shared in a recent interview. 

In a candid interview with Dr. Phil, Lovato opened up about the struggles she faced as a young child. She explained that “The very first time I was suicidal was when I was seven. I had this fascination with death…I knew that if I were to take my own life, that the pain would end.”

These suicidal thoughts subsided, only to return when Lovato was bullied, and also throughout her struggles with depression and bipolar disorder.

She turned to cutting, which got so bad that in Lovato’s words, her mother “was afraid to wake me up in the mornings, because she didn’t know if she opened the door if I’d be alive or not, because every time I cut, it got deeper and deeper.”

Lovato’s struggles, alone with her resilience, courage and bravery in her own personal battles have led to her become a passionate advocate for mental health. And in her conversation with Dr. Phil, Lovato offered powerful words to anyone contemplating suicide:

“If I could tell anybody that’s thinking about taking their own life, it’s to reach out to people. Don’t hold it inside; don’t isolate. Reach out to people, whether it’s close friends, family. If you feel like you idon’thave anybody, look within yourself, and try to find that resilience that will ultimately get you through whatever it is you’re going through. Every single person on this planet is worth life.”

If you or someone you know needs to reach out, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.