One of the best ways to have a good day today, is by doing your prep work the day before. And when it comes to setting yourself up for success, a little bit of nighttime organization goes a very long way. So, to help you have the most successful day tomorrow, do these 5 things before going to bed.

First, get your breakfast ready. You might have coffee and a bowl of cereal in the morning, or you might have a more elaborate smoothie. Either way, get everything set up so that in the wee hours of the morning, you don’t have to fumble around in the kitchen.

Then, give your living space a quick tidy up. You don’t have to do a deep clean here, just make it look clean and light again. There’s nothing worse than starting your day with a cluttered view.

Next, choose tomorrow’s outfit, because if you don’t, you could easily waste anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour trying to decide on the best outfit. Plus, early morning indecisiveness can leave you with an enormous floordrobe to deal with when you come home. Use 10 minutes to figure it out the night before, so that you don’t waste mental energy on an outfit tomorrow.

Then, assess your day by reviewing what you accomplished and what’s left undone. Figure out what worked and what didn’t, and why. This can prevent you from repeating the same mistakes tomorrow.

Finally, give yourself two to three goals for tomorrow’s checklist. That way, when you wake up and get back to work, you’ll already know what you’re priorities are and you can dive right in.

It’s easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon. It’s even harder to get back into it. Maybe it was your summer vacation that did it. Maybe you got sick, or experienced stress and negative emotions. Maybe your summer routine changed and your morning workout took a back seat. Whatever the reason for your fitness hiatus, we all know how hard it is to get back into it. So, if you’re dragging your feet, here are three fun ways to get fit again.

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A healthy period can look a little different for each woman. However, in general, a normal period should last anywhere from two to seven days. If your period extends past the week mark, or barely makes it to day two, you don’t want to ignore that. Your period says something about your overall health and wellness, and an extremely short period can be an indication of three health problems.

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