It’s easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon. It’s even harder to get back into it. Maybe it was your summer vacation that did it. Maybe you got sick, or experienced stress and negative emotions. Maybe your summer routine changed and your morning workout took a back seat. Whatever the reason for your fitness hiatus, we all know how hard it is to get back into it. So, if you’re dragging your feet, here are three fun ways to get fit again.

Make time for walks

If the thought of jumping around and working up a sweat makes you cringe, try walking instead. It’s a natural, low-impact way to get your body moving. 

Can you leave your car at home and walk to work, the grocery store or anywhere else? Can you park your car further away, and extend your walking distance? 

Stretch your body

One reason we don’t go crazy for fitness routines is because we feel so stiff, sore and uncomfortable. So, instead of pushing through an intense workout, start with a nice, easy stretch. 

Simple yoga poses are a great option. Or, you can even try foam rolling. Whatever you choose, the idea is to relax, loosen and stretch the muscles. Who knows – you just might feel like exercising when your body feels better.

Make fitness fun

Isolated exercise moves and mechanical workouts can kill any fitness inspiration, so try to make fitness fun again. 

Put on your favorite playlist and dance. Grab a jump rope and remember what it felt like to be fit as a kid – it wasn’t a “workout”. It was fun.

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