According to some research, 32 percent of women have a low libido. And the reasons for having a low sex drive are many and varied, ranging from hormonal imbalance, medications, depression, stress, the amount of exercise you do, and so much more. Whatever the factors are, having a low libido is a challenge for both you and for your partner. Luckily, certain foods have libido-boosting properties. So, consider trying these five foods when your sex drive feels low. 


Including collagen in your diet can help to keep the vaginal wall firm and strong. Bovine collagen powders and collagen supplements are two easy ways to use this libido-boosting food. Consider adding a scoop to your morning smoothie.


Studies have shown that bananas can increase the hormones necessary for a healthy sex drive. 

Maca root powder

This trendy adaptogen has been used in traditional medicines for centuries, and now research confirms that it can boost sexual desire. It’s another great food item to add to a breakfast smoothie. 

Fill up on protein

Protein isn’t just food athletes focus on. If you want to be fit and fabulous in bed, boost your libido with satisfying protein sources, such as wild-caught fish, organic eggs and grass-fed beef. These foods help to increase serotonin levels, which in turn, support a healthy sex drive. 


This pricy spice has been shown to help women who take antidepressants and suffer with sexual dysfunction, including problems with arousal, lubrication and pain. 

Do you skip strength training, thinking it’s going to make you bulky and muscle-y? You’re not alone. Close to 80 percent of Americans workout, but avoid strength training. If you’re one of them, you’re missing out. Once you stack up the amazing health benefits women can get from lifting weights, it doesn’t make sense to avoid strength training anymore. 

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