You might think the secret to glowy skin is makeup. But there’s so much more to a luminous complexion than the best primer from Charlotte Tilbury. Your diet, skincare routine and self-care practice all have an important role to play when it comes to your skin. So, keep reading for nine tips to get fresh, glowy skin.

Leave those whiteheads alone

Sure, whiteheads are not a pretty sight, but squeezing them is just going to leave an uglier scar and spread bacteria. So, resist the temptation and just leave them be.

Include Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

Omega-3‘s can help to plump the skin and lower inflammation. So, enjoy walnuts, chia and flax seeds, along with salmon and mackerel for a delicious dose of omega-3’s.

Apply hydrating masks

Give your face a delicious treatment 2 to 3 times. Products like Glamglow’s Hydrating Treatment offers a formula rich in Coconut Oil, Ginger Root, Vitamins C en E for the ultimate glow.


Drink lots of water

If you want glowing skin, you have to keep yourself well hydrated. Otherwise, your skin will look dry, dull and tired. Drinking water on a schedule like this Eastern European beauty hack is preferred by celebrities.

Go upside down

Yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog, a headstand, or even lying down with your legs up against the wall, can help to increase circulation. This can leave you with that lovely post-workout glow.

Get outside everyday

Apply some SPF and spend time outdoors everyday. According to nutritional health coach and bestselling author, Madeleine Shaw, this is a great way to obtain Vitamin D, which gives your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself.


They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!

Reduce sugar intake

Processed and added sugar just increases inflammation in your bod, and that can interfere with your skin’s collagen. So, opt for fruit when sugar cravings strike. Your skin will thank you.

Eat zinc-rich foods

Zinc helps your skin regenerate – something it’s constantly doing. Lamb, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas are all great sources of this skin-friendly mineral.

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