You might think an eye exam is only useful if you have a noticeable sight problem, or wear prescription eyewear. However, your eyes are actually a window into the rest of your body. And with a proper eye exam, a doctor can identify potential health problems throughout the rest of the body. 

As part of a routine eye exam, a 38-year old tech CEO, got a rude awakening. Even though his sight was fine, his retinas indicated that he was under a lot of stress. So much stress, that his retinas appeared to be those of a 50-year old, rather than someone in his 30’s.

Stress was taking a toll on his retinas, in a condition called retinal venous tortuosity. But the doctor informed him that the condition of his eyes was likely an indication that stress was having negative affects throughout the rest of his physical body, too.

It was a rude awakening for this tech CEO, however it’s a powerful reminder that stress does impact our physical bodies, and if we’re not careful, it can slowly and silently create health problems.

Now, you might not be a CEO with a startup company, but 10-to-1, you experience daily stress, and even though you can’t quit your job, it’s important to evaluate your lifestyle and find ways to mitigate and reduce stress.

Are there ways you can minimize screen time? Can you squeeze in more exercise, yoga or meditation? Are there opportunities throughout the day to unplug and recharge?

Reducing stress can help to preserve not only your eyesight, but also your health and wellbeing, too.

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