Introverts thrive when they’re not overstimulated, and they recharge when they’re alone. Their natural habitat is quiet places where they can retreat and engage in solitary activities. So, in a way, winter might seem like an introvert’s ideal season. However, the lack of sunshine and chilly weather can challenge even the most solitary of introverts. Not to mention, the covid-19 restrictions can take a toll, too. Here’s one tip that can help you (or your introverted friend) until Spring arrives.

Introverts are generally misunderstood and labeled “anit-social”, “shy” or “aloof”. While an introvert can be those things, that’s not what an introvert is by definition. Why this common misconception? It’s simply because introverts love some quiet downtime, away from the shops, crowds and noise.

The problem in winter time, is that it’s far to easy to get cooped up and lose all motivation to get out and see the world. Your natural introverted character is compounded by the cold, short and dark days.

But no matter if you’re an introvert or not, you need human connection. According to scientist, Matthew Lieberman, “Our well-being depends on our connections with others…we suffer greatly when our social bonds are threatened or severed.”

So, while it may be really difficult for an introvert to get herself up and out of the house during a cold, dark day, it’s massively important that you try.

That doesn’t mean you have to go to a crowded shopping center. But why not meet with your friend for a brisk walk with your favorite latte? You could also bundle up and go walking down a sidewalk to people watch and even photograph if that’s your thing. If going out and socializing isn’t possible right now, pick up the phone and reach out.

You might be an introvert, but getting human connection – even in small amounts – can help you stay well and happy this winter.

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