Even if you love a leisurely morning makeup routine, you might not always have time for it. Maybe your short on time, or you’d just rather sleep. Well, for those rushed mornings, these two beauty tricks give you fast makeup that still looks great.

Beauty blogger, The Anna Edit, loves to keep things streamlined, minimal and efficient. And when it comes to streamlining her morning makeup routine, Anna has two simple tips that give her more time to tackle her to-do list. Chances are, her tips are totally relevant for your busy life, too. 

Get your makeup organized

Depending on your makeup collection, you can waste a lot of time just looking for the right product. So, first thing’s first: declutter and downsize. If you have products that are expired or you never use, it’s time to toss them. 

Then, take time to organize the remaining makeup products. To help you do that, take a trip to your local homeware store, and pick up some organizer trays. Having an organized makeup stash can save you lots of time in the morning.

Opt for cream-only beauty items

According to Anna, cream products leave you feeing “fresh and like a Glossier-esque IG dream.” No more fussing with powders and fall off. Just apply creamy beauty products, like concealer, blush, eye shadows and highlighters, with your brushes, beauty blenders and even your fingers for a quick morning makeup routine. 

It’s hard to find time for a decent workout. And for some of us, this is the perfect excuse to not exercise. Well, we hate to break it to you, but now you’re going to have to find a new excuse to skip your workout. These three workouts are fast! So, even if you “don’t have time”, you can still fit them into your daily routine.

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5 ways to make your Starbucks order healthier 

If Starbucks – or any other coffee shop – is part of your daily ritual, it can make or break all of your health and fitness goals in one to-go cup. Sure, their drinks are delish and addictive, but they can also be loaded with added sugars. Does that mean you have to boycott your coffee fix? Or, say goodbye to the one pleasure that gets you through the day? Au contraire. Keep reading for five easy ways to make your Starbucks order healthier.

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