Kanye West is known for his erratic posts on Twitter. Just last week, West flooded his Twitter feed with a long string of pro-Trump posts that stirred up lots of media attention and disappointed followers. Over the weekend, West posted another tweet that was met with mixed reviews.

On Sunday, West took to Twitter to voice his admiration for high school student, Emma Gonzalez. She is one of the many survivors from February 14th’s deadly school shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida.

Almost immediately following the school shooting, Gonzalez and a handful of classmates became national figures, fighting for better gun legislation.

In a Tweet that seemed to come out of left field, West (@kanyewest) posted a picture of Gonzalez with the simple caption, “my hero. Emma Gonzalez”.  Then, West posted a selfie, saying, “inspired by Emma”.

Shortly after West paid tribute to Gonzalez, this high school student was quick to respond, but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of directly responding to West or even thanking him, Gonzalez followed West’s lead sharing her own hero.

Gonzalez (@Emma4Change) posted a photo of a man holding his daughter. The man in question? James Shaw Jr., who singlehandedly rushed the gunman who open fired at a Waflle House, killing 4 individuals and leaving others injured.

Gonzalez wrote, “my hero  James Shaw Jr.” Her caption shows her continued dedication to ending gun violence throughout the US.

One might wonder why Gonzalez didn’t thank West for his post about her. However, it may be due to West’s recent pro-Trump tweets, and his support for an administration which Gonzalez is trying so desperately to change.

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