We all know exercise provides a wide range of health benefits. That goes for physical fitness, a stronger immune system, improved mood and so much more. But recent research is showing that physical exercise is also super beneficial for your gut health, too. So, keep reading to learn why a healthy burst of cardio can improve gut health.

 A 2014 study set out to examine whether exercise impacted gut microbial diversity. (Why is gut diversity important? According to Dr. Mercola, the more diverse your gut bacteria is, the healthier you can be.)

So, the researchers studied professional athletes and sure enough, they discovered that athletes had a higher diversity of gut micro-organisms.

However, the 2014 study admitted that exercise wasn’t the only factor influencing gut bacteria diversity. They made concession for diet, too.

So, in 2016, another study emerged showing that cardiovascular fitness is related to a greater diversity in gut bacteria. Specifically, they found that higher levels of cardiovascular activity lead to more production of butyrate – a short chain fatty acid, essential to keeping the gut lining healthy and strong.

The researchers highlighted that while cardiovascular, aerobic exercise could improve gut health, it shouldn’t be the only thing people use to promote a healthy, diverse microbiome.

Other factors, including a healthy diet, are necessary to keep your gut bacteria thriving, functioning and diverse.

But why is gut health so important for overall health?

According to lead neurologist and author of Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter,“a healthy micro biome translates into a healthy human.” That’s because gut health influences brain, heart, skin mood and weight. And when it’s compromised, it can lead to mental health problems, hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

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