Summer is the perfect time to book a trip and get away. But summer can also be an expensive time to travel. But that doesn’t mean you have to get slammed with a hefty ticket price. Experts have been analyzing ticket prices for a little while, and they have some insider secrets you’ll want to know about.

Earlier this year, online travel agency, CheapAir, conducted a study to analyze fare prices. To be precise, their data looked at 921 million fares. But they didn’t just look at prices. They also looked at how these prices change depending on how far in advance the ticket is purchased.

If you’re like some, you might think that if you book your flight far in advance, you save money. But that’s not what their analysis found.

For example, flight tickets stay pretty stable and static between 320 days and 106 days in advance. Then, between 105 days and 54 days before the trip, prices drop significantly before spiking again at around 20 days before the trip.

So, CheapAIr recommends purchasing your flight 54 days before your trip – when the ticket price is the lowest it’s ever going to be before it shoots up again.

Knowing this can save you a lot of stress and searching. Instead of endless googling and price comparison – which is a bit of a nightmare – just decide on your travel date and then schedule your flight purchase date for 54 days before that.

If there’s a faraway destination waiting on your bucket list, use this trick to get there without breaking the bank.

5 simple ways to make today a positive day 

Bad moods. They happen to the best of us. Sometimes, we know why we feel negative, but other days, we’re just off and can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s hormones, or the weather, or what you had for dinner last night. Either way, no one likes to have a bad day. Luckily, there are simple things you can do today – and every day – to make it a positive day. Here are five of them.

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