Bethany Meyers isn’t your average fitness instructor. She’s not afraid to take risks and live outside the box. That includes her shaving her head and a polyamorous relationship she’s shared with boyfriend of eleven years, Nico Tortorella. It takes guts to do things like that and her three beauty tips are as full of moxie as she is.

Beauty and confidence go together

Meyers strives to first be confident and then to be beautiful. Not the other way around. And she doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk.

She shaved her head because she knew deep down that her hair doesn’t define who she is. And ironically, when she shaved her hair, she felt empowered, stronger and more in line with the important projects going on in her life.

Her beauty decision to shave her hair came from a strong, confident place within. And this new look boosted her confidence even more.

Beauty is limitless

Society has a very specific idea of beauty, and if you don’t fit into it, you can feel inadequate or insecure. But Meyers doesn’t buy into that. For her, beauty is limitless and has room for all types of bodies, shapes and sizes.

Beauty comes from leaving your comfort zone

As humans, we like to do what’s safe and not take too many risks, especially when it comes to beauty decisions. But Meyers likes to push the boundaries a little bit. Even though women are expected to shave their armpits, she decided to embrace her hairy underarms.

For her, it was an opportunity to explore that experience. Is there something you’d like to do but just seems too far out there? Maybe it’s not that strange once you try it.

Let us know what you think about Meyer’s beauty tips and leave some of your own beauty tips, too!

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