Girlboss media is all about empowering millennial women to show up and live out loud. And one way they do that is via their #whatifwednesday challenges on social media. They’re perfect for up-and-coming girlbosses (aka you and me) who want to push their limits and grow. Recently, they challenged women the world over to get a new haircut. Is that what you need to do to feel confident and beautiful again?

It’s true that beauty isn’t skin deep and that beauty comes from the inside out. But paradoxically, when we change how we look on the outside, it creates a domino effect in other areas of our life. That’s because your hair holds psychological power.

According to Vivian Diller, Ph.D., the more attractive you feel, the more confident and in control you feel, too. And while there are a lot of things that are completely out of our control, we have a lot of say when it comes to our hair.

We can cut, color and style it however we want. But we often forget how much power our hairstyle can have and instead of taking advantage of this life-changing switch, we get stuck in a style rut.

But when you choose to take control of your hair style, it’s not just your look that changes. Your entire outlook can change, too. You’ll feel more attractive and confident. You’ll want to go out and get things done. You’ll be proud of how you look and want to show yourself to the world.

All with a new haircut. Are you ready to make this simple yet powerful change, too?

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